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The 1000th visitor of my site was

Philippe Martin!

On the 12th of October 2001 I celebrated 100 days of this site and announced a gift for its 1000th visitor.
SpyLog-system counter at my site showed 1000 on the 13th of November 2001 and soon I received letter with screenshot of lucky counter image.

The 1000th visitor was PHILIPPE MARTIN and he received a gift - 2 unused Byelorussian phonecards

Philippe is 45 years old and he lives in France, in Niort. This town is situated in center west of the country, 200 km north of Bordeaux. You can see some views of Niort on the image. He is married with Françoise and they've got two children: Stéphane and Valérie.

Philippe tells about his phonecards collecting: 'I'm also trying to collect at least 1 phonecard from every country with different telcos and technologies. My special interest is for Russia : at least 1 card from every city/region/republic/telecom operators/technologies.'
His other interests are:
- GSM reload cards (no others prepaid cards) and GSM cards,
- France,
- and worldwide : 1 or several cards from every country.

You can contact with him by e-mail

Last updated: 23-February-2002

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