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Igor Romanovsky. Author of Beltelecom phonecards images.

Appearance of phonecards for universal cardphones of Byelorussian Beltelecom was designed by Igor Romanovsky. He is 38 years old and a half of his life he never parts with his camera. His favourite themes are nature, architecture, hystorical monuments.

Igor has an archive of over than 1'000 24x35mm slides with views of Belarus, Baltic countries, European part of Russia. You can find galleries of his photoes on the Net:

Catalogue of photo images

/the site is in Russian, so simply click left button to see the first page with photoes and than use bottom navigation to jump to other pages/

Vitebsk city and Polotsk city

/the site is in Russian, use navigation with page numbers to jump to other pages/

Nature - close view

/the site is in Russian, one page of photoes/

Are you publisher? So, why not to write him if you are interested in his creations?

All images on this page © Igor Romanovsky, 2001

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Last updated: 20-September-2001

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