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Understanding Russian Phonecards

You take a phonecards with Cyrillic letters in your hands and...
If you are not familiar with a language which uses Cyrillic letters it's hard to understand this 'mysterious' text written on a card. To place description of such a card into collection list one have to describe image depicted on it. But often this description is limited to following ones: 'building', 'truck', 'red arrow', 'people', etc. This can lead to misunderstanding in swap process with other collectors.
Often we see text labels which in many cases can help to identify a phonecard. But how to read them, understand and type into collection list without Cyrillic keyboard?

I hope this short explanation can help you:

I. To read Cyrillic text
II. To type Cyrillic text with Latin keyboard
III. To understand some common used text labels

Please, note that article relates to Russian language. Other languages which use Cyrillic letters (Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Bulgarian, etc.) don't have some letters from Russian alphabet and have some additional ones.

The main idea of reading Cyrillic text is that one letter represents one sound. Of course, your pronunciation will not become perfect but understandable. Once we can identify letters/sounds the only task is to type Russian text with Latin keyboard.
The first table below will help you to solve these problems. This is transliteration table based on common used conventions. There can be some differences from other because it isn't standard, but transliterated text will be clearly understandable for persons who use Russian.
The second table at the bottom of this page is some kind of Russian-English pictorial dictionary. It has images which could be often find on Russian phonecards. Also it contains Latin transliteration, translation and, if needed, a brief explanation.

If you have any problems in identifying phonecards with Cyrillic letters, please, contact me. I'll try to help.
Happy collecting!

Transliteration of Russian alphabet


Russian alphabet Latin transliteration Sounds like...
A Barbara
B Boris
V Victor
G Graham
D David
E /soft E, needed to be YE, but is used oftenly/
YO New York
ZH James /closely to/
Z Zero
I Silvia
I May /needed to be YI, using I simplifies text/
K Kevin
L Leonard
M Michael
N Nicholas
O John
P Peter
R Roger
S Steven
T Tom
U Douglas
F Francis
KH Harry
TS /e.g. tsar/
CH Charley
SH Sheila
SHCH /e.g. shchi/
' /hard sign/
Y Larry
' /soft sign/
E Andrew
YU Utah
YA Yahoo!

Pictorial Dictionary


Image Transliteration Translation
Telecom Logo    
Moskovskaya Gorodskaya Telefonnaya Set' /MGTS/ Moscow City Telephone Network
Moskovskii Mezhdugorodnyi i Mezhdunarodnyi Telefon /MMT/ Moscow Intercity and International Telephone
Mobil'nyye Telesistemy /MTS/ Mobile Telesystems
Smolensksvyazinform /SSI/ /3 words forms this name/
  Udmurt Telekom Udmurt Telecom /local company in Russia's federal Republic of Udmurtia/
Moskva Moscow
2000 edinits 2000 units
150 bit 150 bits /'bit' is a kind of unit/
25 tarifnyh edinits 25 tariff units
25 tarifnyh edenits ! this is misprinted above word 'edinits' on some cards
Karta Card
Telefonnaya Karta Phone Card
Telefonkarta Phonecard
Taksophonnaya Karta Payphone Card
Tirazh 50000 ekz. Tirage 50000 copies
Deistvitel'na do ... Legal till ...
# Karty ... Card number
Pravila pol'zovaniya Rules of usage
Poryadok nabora Dialing sequence


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Last updated: 24-July-2001

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